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Quarterback Option?

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    Is there any teams playbook in madden 10 that offer a quarterback option? because i play with the titans and a vince young/chris johnson option would make my offensive gameplay that much more deadly.

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    Last time I saw this play was in Madden 08.

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    The closest thing I can think of is this play out of the Run N Gun playbook. Go to Shotgun 4WR Tight Flex and there's a QB Option play. I sometimes use it when I bring in Vick for maybe 2-3 plays a game. I need to lab the play some more to figure out how to get it to work more effectively.

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    i know there are zone read plays where you can choose to hand off or keep it with the qb

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    use WC power u can pitch to motion man

    or run a play with RB running that little route outta the back field and throw to him if no QB run open

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    that has this paly in the TEN pb called zone read, and you can either keep the ball with young and run left or if read correctly give to to johnson going right

    its in the first gun formation witht he dual HB's and its the first play

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    Play NCAA....its in there

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    Tenn pb.

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    how do u hand it off to the RB on QB option? cuz u cant toss it cuz they running different directions