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    Default Pass Block & Run Block in CCM?

    So does anyone have a solid idea of how these affect your o-lineman cause I'm always trying to get my guys to be better run blockers, but since you can't purchase the strength or footwork part how do you know hes getting better lol. Oh and run block Foot Work def matters WAY more pancake blocks and push off the line.

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    I've had alot of diffuculty running the ball this year, more this year than in years past......line shifting does nothing for me

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    I had a ~70's rbk guy in by accident once and the difference was very, very noticeable. He was getting blown up a lot.

    I'm not sure if RBK is just a pure technique thing but I THINK so...IE it just goes up against opponent block shedding (kind of like press + beat press but in reverse as the defender is trying to get off). This is different from STR (higher STR = more push, this is for certain) and IBL (pancakes...I THINK...don't know about IBL).

    Still, if I had to pick 2 I'd take STR and RBK. The reason is if you are pushing the defenders back they screw up the LB pursuit angles, and if your guys hold blocks longer you have more flexibility off that push.

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