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Air Coryell Offense

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    Default Air Coryell Offense

    Out of all of the offensive philosophies and concepts I have tried running in the past weeks this is the one I will be using. The reason I chose this is because I mainly use Tampa Bay online and a lot of people think that this is the offense they will be running in real life under new head coach Greg Schiano. Basically, this offense is focused on inside power running game and taking shots downfield. The personell for the Bucs is suited for this with the strong arm in Josh Freeman, deep threat in Mike Williams, and power runner in Blount. I will jump into concepts of the pass game and run game next but if you want to read more on this here are some links:
    What the 2012 Tampa Bay Buccaneers Offense will look like - Tampa Bay Buccaneers : Tampa Bay Buccaneers
    Coryell offense - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

    I will probably be using Tampa's playbook, but I was looking at San Diego's because Norv Turner is a disciple of the Air Coryell. Also there is the Run N Gun and Baltimore playbook. Suggestions anyone?

    Running Game:
    The section of this is very brief. This offense will consist of mainly inside runs like HB Iso, HB Dive, HB Lead, FB Dive and sucking them into the inside and if they load up on the inside and overplay us we will either hit them with a toss, sweep, or stretch. A sample of this is my running scheme that I will use out of I Form Pro in Tampa Bay's playbook:

    HB Iso
    FB Dive
    HB Toss

    These are the big 3 in this formation 2 inside runs and a toss. These are the main runs that I will use. This formation has what I call complimentary runs with the counter, End Around, Fake End Around, and Power O. This formation also has a solid passing game I will get in to.

    Passing Game:
    Here are the main passing concepts I will be using in the Air Coryell passing game.

    What!? Isn't the Air Coryell mainly a vertical passing game? Yes but we need some horizontal passing too. This play will work against the 4 main defenses I see which is Man, Blitz, Cover 2, and Cover 3.

    We will use TE screens and HB screens mainly. I dont like WR screens because I will throw an occasional interception while blindly throwing to a WR. I like to use these screens against zones and blitzes.

    The usual man beater, it can be ran against zone with timing on throws.

    Another man beater, same thing applies as mesh.

    Smash and Corner Stike:
    This is the first of the many vertical concepts we use. I like to run these against Cover 2.

    Curl Flats:
    This is the main concept I use to beat Cover 3.

    Spot or Snag:
    This concept beats the main 4 coverages we see usually.

    This is our downfield shot concept that kills zone and we will use as a big play gainer. With all of the hot routes and possibilities with this play it is a killer.

    So in all there are 9 concepts we use and we will combine these concepts together to make packaged concepts that beat multiple coverages in one play. The reason I went through all of this and defining strategy and philosophy is because recently I figured out something. Madden is not all about schemes and money plays but it has real strategy involved. This is how the best of the best think and that is why they have such a deep understanding of the game.
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    Baltimore's offense IS the Air Coryell offense, just FYI.

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