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    Default madden 12 franchise fantasy draft

    does any1 no how to get 1st pick in fantasy draft rather then picking all the teams
    and how can i get wes welker if i am the seahawks i tried everything i even offered rice and williams and 1st round pick

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    you can get the first pick by restarting the franchise over and over until you get the first pick... but its pretty useless to get the 1st pick if you dont want D. Revis. Hes always the 1st pick in an offline fantasy draft. Who did you want to pick up bad enough to get the 1st overall? also... if you get the first pick in the 1st round you will get the 32nd pick in the 2nd round. your better off in the long run to get a pick in the middle of the first round unless you really want one of the top tier picks. I noticed that clay mathews goes in the late 1st round (right around 30th) so if you went with a later 1st rounder you could get him and still have a high pick in the 2nd round. With the 1st overall pick you have to wait for 63 more players to be drafted before you can pick again... essentially making your 2nd rounder really a 3rd round pick

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    This is a mock up of a sample draft that i shot for when i was drafting with the 5th pick in the first round... I like to draft young players and play as P. Willis at MLB so i had to get the 5th overall to draft him. I did about 5 purely computer picked fantasy drafts to see the drafting tendencies of the computer and then made this list based off the players i wanted and the rounds they went in. If you want a copy of the list i made showing the top young players and what rounds they were drafted in message me or reply to this with your email.

    P. Willis
    C. Johnson/K. Britt
    D. Jackson
    M. Iupati
    M. Dareus
    L. Blount
    JJ Watt
    R. McClain
    N. Suh
    V. Miller
    R. Gronkowski
    E. Berry
    P. Peterson
    M. Pouncey
    E. Thomas
    J. Kuhn
    D. Watkins
    T. Moeaki
    D. Carpenter
    A. Verner
    A. Smith
    J. Carpenter
    B. Gabbert
    N. Fairley
    K. Rudolph
    J. Shipley
    M. Ingram
    J. Smith
    N. Solder
    CJ Spiller
    R. Dowling
    R. Kerrigan
    R. Moore
    D. Sherrod
    J. Jarrett
    R. Hudson

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    hey i was just going to see if you can let me get that list from you. i have been trying to figure out the best draft choices with young players. my email is on my profile

    also what position do you think is the bests to go for in a fantasy draft ??


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    here is a list of my must haves in a draft for young players that advance quickly....

    QB Cam Newton
    HB Mark Ingram
    WR Julio Jones
    WR AJ Green
    TE Rob Gronkowski, Jermaine Gresham
    LT Nate Solder
    LG Mike Iupati
    C Maurkice Pouncey
    RG Danny Watkins
    RT Russel Okung, Gabe Carimi, Jared Veldheer

    LE Marcell Dareus
    RE JJ Watt
    DT Ndamukong Suh
    LOLB Von Miller or Clay Mathews
    MLB Patrick Willis
    ROLB Aldon Smith or Von Miller
    CB Patrick Peterson, Devin McCourty, Jimmy Smith, Alteraun Verner
    FS Earl Thomas
    SS Eric Berry

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