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Unstoppable Defense?!?!?

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    Question Unstoppable Defense?!?!?

    This is kind of an offensive strategy thread too, fyi

    I just played this guy who used the raiders, and i spent the whole game trying to figure out what he was doing on defense and couldnt, But i also could not beat his D. if i ran the ball he tackled me for a loss, if i through a slant he picked it, and if i through the ball deep he usually managed to tip it. Throwing it deep was my best bet, i got 3 touchdowns out of it, but also 2 picks. He picked off 3 slants, and if i stayed in the pocket for more than around 4 seconds then i was sacked. I was using the Falcons to top it off, a team i found to be unstoppable on offense.

    I think he was user controlling a linebacker and reading my play to line up for a pick.
    he ended up winning 46 to 20.
    My questions are, do you know what he was doing? (i would like to do it) and how do you beat it?

    P.S. he was not nano blitzing

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    I would guess he wasn't in man, since slant usually destroy it.
    If I had to guess it would be a deep zone play, which is what I use a lot.

    I go to Play Type and choose deep zone, and so far it holds the run to about 3 yards a carry, and its extremely hard or pass on.

    I have no idea how to beat it yet lol.