Defensive Lockdown eBook Update #1

cover 2 nano
Written by Madden School

We are proud to have released our first update for the defensive lockdown ebook.  For this update, we decided to break down another formation in the 46 playbook, this time going over the 46 bear under.  If you already have access to the ebook, you can log into your account and view it immediately.  We included a sample play below.  It is a 3 man nano blitz that brings pressure fairly consistently.

Playbook: 46

Formation: 46 Bear Under

Play: Cover 2


  1. Re-blitz your LOLB (on the right side of the screen)
  2. Hot route your DT over the center to a yellow zone
  3. Hot route your RE (on the left side of the screen to a purple zone
  4. (Optional) Hot route your MLB to a purple zone

You can purchase the full Madden 13 defensive lockdown ebook at the link below:


  • an update?! so that means no more buying multiple play books?! if so that’s great! $25 per can add up, especially if you have both offensive and defensive. Should we be expecting an offensive update as well?
    Thanks for the hard work!

  • only problem with this is that if the opponent sets up with 4 wide outs the LOLB does not blitz correctly

  • Looking for that OFF. playbook! DEF. playbook has lots of adjustments pre-snap and when an opponent runs HURRY-UP it’s hard to make ALL those adjustments. Any suggestions?? Holla…

    • If your opponent throws an incompletion or if they go out of bounds, they can’t no huddle. Also, there is nothing wrong with audibling and using a play not in the ebook every now and then.

  • This is a great blitz with good coverage. Try to work this into your schem against 1 and 2 WR sets. Be careful using this against multiple receiver sets.

  • m guessing about buying the o and d playbook. i never created a playbook on my own, so i have a question.
    do i have the ability to pick the falcons playbook as the basic playbook and add the other plays u are showing from time to time to it.
    hope u get my point. is there a maximum of plays a playbook can have? or can u put together whatever play u want, like the bill walsh man and zone beater ?

  • thx 4 the answer.
    i joined madden-school and realy enjoying all the feauters u guys have. hope to step up my game.

    on live my name is ProtonenWURST

    football fanatic from germany

  • hey im having problem on defense there killing me on runs to the outside i use a 34 defense how can i stop

  • which d is good at stopping slant route an screen routes or jus any route, with the big bear fire green blitz

  • is this better than the other defensive playbook? is the other one just harder to set up because its advanced or what? im using the houston offenseive now and it works like a charm. but i which defensive playbook would be better?

    • It just depends on your defensive preference. The defensive lockdown ebook is mostly based out of 46 formations while the advanced defensive tactics ebook is based out of mostly 4-3 formations.

  • Is the update available for purchase w/out purchasing the previous ebook? How much is just the update? Or when I purchase, do I get the full e-book with the update?

    • In order to access the update, you must buy the full ebook. When you buy the ebook, you get access to everything including the old ebook and the update

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